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Packaging chemical_formulations

Pal wipes are available in a variety of packaging formats. Covering a range of applications and industrial uses our range of wipes formats enable user choice and fit for purpose functionality.

Blank private label wipe canisters


Canisters are available in three sizes: Pocket probe, 0.5 litre and 2 litre. Made from polypropylene they are rigid and durable. Their slim profile means they can be conveniently stored on countertops for quick access. Suitable for use with most wipes materials and chemical formulas they are sealed airtight with a polythene tamper seal. Canisters are available to store from 70 to 225 Wipes.

Blank private label wipe buckets


Buckets are available in three sizes: 8 litre, 6 litre and 3 litre and can be used to dispense larger thicker wipes. Made from polypropylene they are rigid, durable and have a carry handle. Capable of holding large numbers of wipes, buckets are cost effective and suited to high use applications. Buckets are available to store from 150 to 1500 Wipes.

Blank private label wipe refill packets


Refills are available for 2 litre canisters and all bucket sizes. They are the most cost effective way of storing larger numbers of wipes and reduce the weight and volume of packaging waste. Made from robust PE/PET laminate they can be used with all material types and most chemical formulas, including alcohol.

Blank private label wipe flow wraps


Flow wrap packs are available in a wide range of sizes capable of holding between 5 and 200 wipes. Made from strong PE/PET laminate with a semi-rigid, wipe-clean closure.  They are flexible yet durable and are easy to carry around or store in a wall mounted dispenser. Flow wrap packs are an economical way to dispense wipes creating low volumes of waste after use.