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Across food manufacture, food processing and food service sectors, Palhygiene offers a market leading range of surface and hand disinfectant wipes, together with the highest quality single use hygiene work wear.

About Palhygiene

Keep informed on the latest industry news and Pal updates. Whether it’s a product announcement or regulatory change, you’ll find it all right here.

Products for the Food & Beverage Industry
Rolls.png Cooking utensils Coffee cup

Dry Wiping

Ideal for dealing with spillages quickly & effectively, it is blue coloured for use within food environments.

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W68230_PALTX_Hand_San_Wipes.jpg Cooking utensils Coffee cup

Hand Sanitising

Discover products designed for fast and convenient cleaning of hands.

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W200230 Pal TX Alcohol Surface Disinfectant wipes 200 2.jpg Cooking utensils Coffee cup

Surface Disinfection

Uncover the powerful combination chemistry in our alcohol free wipes, alongside a wide range of alcohol disinfectant wipes. 

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A digital interpretation of the coronavirus


Coronaviruses are commonly found circulating within animal populations, seven viruses are now known to cause infection in humans. Occasionally these animal viruses may evolve and spread between human populations leading to large and severe outbreaks of disease.

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Campylobacter Educational Video

The principal cause of human gastroenteritis world wide.

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Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 15.36.44.png


The deadly bacterium in our food chain. 

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