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Perminder Rupra

Managing Director

According to Ron Tierney, Perminder is a scientist with a creative mind: “a thinker, a planner, a real leader”

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Richard Fell

Head of Sales, UK and Europe

Dave Sexton says Richard “combines passion and energy with professionalism and sales expertise to drive the business forward”

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Dave Sexton

Head of Finance

Dave was described by Liz Henson as “a big picture finance expert - one of a rare breed who can map how business finance can enable long-term vision”

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Murale Chemmarasseri

Head of Sales, Middle East and Asia Pacific

Richard Fell sees Murale as “a genuine guy who reflects the ethos and vision of Pal, while continually building a better, more sustainable hygiene business through the Middle East and APAC region”


Ron Tierney

Head of Healthcare Sales, UK

Andy Whitaker says “Ron is a strategic sales leader, like the chess Grand Master planning three, four, five moves ahead. He’s a customer champion and true Healthcare market expert”

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Dorothy Day

People Director

Dot is a focussed and engaging individual, she thinks about Pal’s future and how our people fit within that, allowing them to develop and support our business to grow.

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