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Low Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Wipe

Product code: W62230

Quick Overview

Pal Low Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Wipes are designed to provide fast and convenient hand cleaning and sanitisation. The wipes are impregnated with a low alcohol sanitising solution. The wipes are dermatologically tested and leave the skin moisturised and refreshed.

Information In Detail

For most up to date product information please download the information sheet here, the catalogue is updated quarterly. Thank you.

Please contact the office on 01455 555714 for more information and MSDS sheets.

Low Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Wipe

  • Low Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Wipe

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With over 40 years of experience, we are committed to manufacturing in the UK. With Microbiologists, Chemists & Product Designers, we manufacture wipes to satisfy many industries and applications.